East Asia

Japan, Hot Springs

One of Japan's most unique and endearing features are its hot springs, affectionately called onsen in Japanese. These onsen, which can go as high as 40+ degrees celcius (or far more, as in the case of Beppu city's Jigoku Meguri, whose 90 degree waters serve more as sightseeing destinations than bathing spots), are a staple of the Japanese lifestyle. The elderly, especially in farming communities, still cap off their days with a relaxing soak around 3 or 4 pm in the afternoon, as they have done for generations past. Not to worry though, Japan has an onsen for everyone, from the luxurious ryokan inns which cost a pretty penny, to simple bath-houses with thatched roofs frequented by the local community to hidden outdoor hot springs with majestic views of nature.

Japan has an onsen for everyone