Bespoke Luxury Travel Concierge

Elite Travel Destinations is a luxury tour operator and travel concierge service. We specialize in designing bespoke itineraries tailored to our client’s specific desires. We have established intimate relationships with properties and suppliers all over the globe, ensuring our clients get the very best of the best. From wellness yoga retreats to serene islands all the way to African Safaris, we pride ourselves on knowing our product but more importantly getting to know our client’s personal aspirations and needs. All our travel partners share our passion for conservation, ecotourism and creating life changing journeys in order to build sustainable conservation economies and inspire positive action.


The Hogarth Health Club
Airedale Avenue
West London
W4 2NW
Phone:+44 784 109 8613

team member


"Two years backpacking, marathon running worldwide and searching for the next rush equals many miles travelled and places experienced. I can now share with others what I have learnt. I am deeply committed to the environment and conservation and continue to look for the next adventure."

Arthur Buchner
team member


"My journey into the travel industry is one which has been hugely influenced by my career in Finance. My passion lay elsewhere,that passion being one for travel and adventure."    

Wayne Barnes
team member


"Having lived on multiple continents and experiencing different cultures,my love for travel was almost immediate. The transition from IT to travel was an easy decision, a decision I don’t take for granted and cherish every day"

Jenny Barnes