Malawi, East Africa

Nyika National Park

Nyika National Park was Malawi’s first certified park, founded in 1965. It is also the biggest of all the national parks in the country with no less than 3200km2 of beautiful, rolling scenery. Nyika Plateau is situated in the North of Malawi and is unique in Africa. The Plateau is on the UNESCO World Heritage tentative list for its cultural and natural beauty.The montane vegetation of Nyika Plateau attracts large numbers of antelope, and zebra is common. Smaller mammals such as warthogs and bush pigs are also commonly found in the park. In addition, Nyika is home to the highest population of leopard in Malawi! There have been a few sightings of nomadic males and recently a female lion! Although because of the size of the park they are hard to spot so keep your eyes peeled! Nyika is a birders paradise and more than 400 species have made the park their nest!

Nyika National Park was Malawi’s first certified park